The New Normal in Tenerife

Moving into the month of June 2020 and the Canary Islands are doing very well indeed with the COVID-19 pandemic.  With very few new cases the residents of Tenerife are once again venturing out onto the streets, even to the shops, to the beach and generally starting to get back to "normal" - the New Normal of course!  What does the New Normal mean?  Well it still means queueing to get into supermarkets and shops, allowing only 50% capacity into bars, shops etc, maintaing that social distance of 2 metres and lots of cleaning, disinfecting and hand washing.  We are also obliged to wear a face mask in public places, on public transport and anywhere where we cannot maintain the distance of 2 metres. However it is really good to see people out and about again and we now feel well and truely ready for our tourists to be welcomed back into the islands, with controls in place for anybody displaying symptoms of this virus that has paralysed the world. The State of Alarm is due to be lifted on Monday 15th June and Tenerife is ready.  So what about the property market?  The property market is quiet, but slowly starting to wake up with many reductions that are encouraging a large number of enquiries form people who are fed up with being locked down in their countries and looking forward to returning to the islands to enjoy our sunshine, fantastic beaches and top class hotels and restaurants.  So not too long to go now until we can welcome people back into the Canary Islands and we are really looking forward to it!