The State of Alarm in Spain and the Canary Islands

As of 14th March the Spanish government declared a State of Alarm in the whole of Spain, including the Canary Islands for the pandemic of Corona Virus.  What did this mean for the Canary Islands and our beloved island of Tenerife?  Tourists at first did not understand. They did not see why they could not go out for a walk along the sea front or head down to enjoy the beach, but as they all started to leave and head back to their respective homes, the streets and walkways of Tenerife fell eerily quiet, with restaurants, bars and shops closed for the foreseeable future. The police were fair but firm, asking anybody who did not have a justifiable reason to be out to please return home, with the army backing them up where necessary. 

But nearly 6 weeks on from the original declaration of the State of Alarm and where are we?  Well, considering that the Canary Islands is where the first case of COVID-19 was reported (a German tourist who had travelled to the island of La Gomera), we are doing remarkably well.  The cases spiked but the hospitals were not overwhelmed, as they sadly were in places such as Madrid.  The infection rate in the Canaries is now very low and widespread testing by the government has helped to quickly bring this pandemic under control. The Canary Islands are moving very positively towards declaring themselves virus free. So where do we go from here? 

Well, we are eagerly awaiting the news that Tenerife can reopen for business. Obviously the government is wary about letting foreign visitors back in and opening up the borders.  They are talking about strict controls at the airports once they do so.  However, on an island that depends so heavily on tourism for its survival and the survival of its residents, we are hoping that visitors will be able to come back soon. The businesses here want to see the tourists back and enjoying beautiful Tenerife, and we are sure that lovers of this island are keen to return too.  We will keep you updated……